LoRa® (Long-Range) is a spread spectrum modulation technique for Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) that offers features for wireless applications in long-range, low-power consumption and secure communication. LoRa® has a greater range than Cellular networks and can help designers easily integrate into different infrastructures with low-cost battery-operated applications.

- LoRa® Proprietary
REYAX LoRa® Proprietary modules are designed with own proprietary protocol. These modules enable designers to enter the market before the standards are fully established, therefore is suitable for small-scale and private network usage.

- LoRaWAN®
LoRaWAN® is a set of protocol standards based on LoRa® physical layer transmission technology and its key components include Gateways and Nodes. By connecting to numerous of standard Nodes, LoRaWAN® Gateway helps designers can quickly build up an ultra-long wireless solution with less infrastructure equipment.

- Pure Hardware
REYAX pure hardware LoRa® modules allow designers to write firmware into the MCU based on their project requirements. It is a suitable solution for designers who need flexibility in development.


Model Name Frequency Range RF Output Power RF Sensitivity LoRaWAN® or LoRa® Proprietary AT Command
RYLR998 820~960MHz 22dBm -129dBm Proprietary YES
RYLR498 410~525MHz 22dBm -129dBm Proprietary YES
RYLR993 820~960MHz 22dBm -148dBm LoRaWAN® or Proprietary YES
RYLR896 862~1020MHz 15dBm -148dBm Proprietary YES
RYLR406 410~525MHz 15dBm -148dBm Proprietary YES
RYLR682 820~960MHz 22dBm -148dBm LoRaWAN® or Proprietary No, Pure Hardware SX1262
RYLR684 416~520MHz 22dBm -129dBm Proprietary No, Pure Hardware LLCC68
RYLR689 858~938MHz 22dBm -129dBm Proprietary No, Pure Hardware LLCC68
RYLR890 862~1020MHz 15dBm -148dBm LoRaWAN® or Proprietary No, Pure Hardware SX1276







LoRaWAN® or Proprietary No, Pure Hardware LR1121
RYLR330 862~1020MHz 26dBm -139dBm LoRaWAN®  Gateway No, OS Platform